Busy week

577A quiet week on this blog generally means a busy week in real life and that was certainly the case over the past seven days. My brother was over visiting last weekend. We left him to do most of the tourist attractions on his own (indeed, he did a few that we haven’t yet) but we joined him for a couple of trips out as Christine has already reported.

My trip to Stavanger on Tuesday was extended to include Monday night when I found that I couldn’t get a flight out on Tuesday morning. It looks like Norwegian have now switched to their summer schedule with only four flights a day which presumably also puts more pressure on the SAS flights. On the plus side, this meant I didn’t have to get up at six in the morning. I was obviously still half asleep when I went through the airport though as I managed to leave my coat at security. It cost me 40kr to pick it up from lost property the next day.

On Wednesday it was a return to international travel with a two day trip down to Gothenburg. Everything worked out very well as, having flown down with Widerøe (on a Fokker 50 leased from the slightly dubiously named Denim Air), I stepped out of the airport and straight on to the bus in to the city centre. It was then just a few minutes walk from the terminus to the customer location, with the Radisson where I was staying the same distance in the other direction.

I had a couple of spare hours to wander round the city in the sunshine that evening. The centre itself is certainly very pleasant although its a shame that the wide streets seem to be quite so busy with cars, buses and trams. I have to confess to walking straight through "Scandinavia’s largest shopping mall", only stopping briefly to use a cash point. Also a shame that I didn’t have a little more notice of the trip and then I may have been able to take in a bit of the action at the Junior World Orienteering Champs.

Now looking forward to a relaxing weekend where Christine does all the running around…

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