Marathon Spectating

580We headed east to Rømskog this morning for Christine to run in the Unionsmarathon. After watching her start, Emma and I played in the sunshine on the grassy start/finish area, watched the kids run their races in some smart looking numbered vests, and then drove off after the marathon runners. We managed to see Christine a couple of times before reaching the Swedish border across which the hire car wasn’t allowed to go. Emma and I therefore stopped for lunch and then had a wander around the lake shore (only disturbing the one "optionally clothed" local!) before heading back to the finish. Christine finished in a good (given the terrain/climb) time of 4.5 hours and as second lady. It sounds like it was a bit of a struggle to get round but she seems to be recovering well afterwards. Just a shame she didn’t finish 10 minutes earlier so that we didn’t have to watch from the car whilst sheltering from the thunder and lightening!

2 Responses to “Marathon Spectating”

  1. Neil says:

    crossing the border seems like an excellent excuse for a slow time — as in “well I would have finished in under 3 hours only the immigration official held me up twice!”. Did the marathon actually go across the border or was it only the road?


  2. Dave says:

    Yes – the marathon crosses the border (the Union in the name is the one that existed between Sweden and Norway). Perhaps Christine’s failure to take her passport out with her slowed her down? Doubtful though given the border consists of a few sign posts and some cameras!