First and last RR10

Fortunately my current desk location in Hursley is away from the windows otherwise the sight of the rain hammering down might have deterred me from turning out for tonight’s RR10 – my first for the year and also the last of the season. The race was, however, actually at Hursley and, with the disbanding of IBM Hursley Runners earlier this year, it was my first chance to actually compete in this race.

The rain had eased a little by the start and by the mid-point had stopped completely. I quite enjoyed the course although I can see why competitors might object to the three lap course as, by the finish line, I felt I had lapped most of the field. Indeed, I put the loss of two places in the last couple of hundred metres down to going to the left of a muddy patch and getting stuck behind two slower runners whilst those behind me went to the right. Still, 21st place seems fairly respectable so there’s some hope that I haven’t lost all must fitness whilst in Oslo.

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