Unscheduled overnight stop

As previously mentioned, our car battery was dead on our return to the UK. After an initial jump start and subsequent charge from the mains everything seemed back to normal. On Friday we decided to try taking Emma over to her Grandparents’ in Monmouth after dinner. Unfortunately as we turned on to the M4, the battery light came on and was subsequently joined by ABS and airbag warning lights.

When the brake light came on accompanied by an alarm I decided the game was up and to pull off at the next services (Membury). On the slip road, the power steering went and I coasted in to a parking space. The engine wouldn’t restart. Time to call the RAC… We only had to wait an hour although the guy did only have to make it to us from his previous call at the eastbound services! Unfortunately he told us that not only was the battery dead but that the alternator was too.

We only have roadside assistance and it was going to cost £200 for a tow back to Southampton. Emma had also been romping around the car for an hour at this point. Consequently we decided just to check in to the Days Inn for the night. In the morning, Christine’s parents drove down to meet us with a new battery. This was sufficient (in daylight) to get us to Monmouth where we could then recharge both batteries for the journey home on Monday.

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