Going: heavy to waterlogged

691It being a reasonable distance away, we’ve always avoided the Hants Cross-Country race at Goodwood however, having nothing better to do, we decided to head along on Saturday. We went to Chichester beforehand but, other than a quick sprint round the outside of the cathedral, we spent most of our time in Priory Park. Just off the main road, this is a nice place to get away from the crowds for a picnic lunch and it had a great playground for Emma. Chichester struck me as a pleasant enough Cathedral city and it looked like a good place for some good old-fashioned high street shopping.

Unfortunately the rain arrived as we headed over to the race course. Emma and I spent the first part of Christine’s race squatting under an umbrella next to the car sheltering from a torrential downpour. The skies were a lighter shade of grey by the time it was my turn to run.

I made the mistake of holding back at the start and when the course left the open and headed in to the woods (it’s not actually on the race course itself!) I felt I was being held back a bit by the masses on the muddy descents. Despite wearing a pair of Adidas Swoops, I was sliding about all over the place though. Particularly on the tight grass (mud) corners I was being overtaken by those in XC spikes who were able to take the racing line. By the third lap I felt like I was working hard but not making much progress. This was probably reflected in my final position of 76th. Only two places down on last time but with a smaller field. I really enjoyed the course though and we’d definitely go back again.

Hants XC, Goodwood

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