QE2 sightseeing run

In honour of the QE2 departing Southampton for the last time (it’s heading off to Dubai to become a floating hotel), we decided to do the Itchen Bridge run last night with the minor variation that we crossed to the south side of the bridge to join the hordes looking out over the water to where the brightly illuminated QE2 was berthed. If we’d been a bit more prepared we should have started running half an hour later as, when the fireworks started to mark the ship’s departure, we were already on our way back up the Avenue.

Itchen Bridge GPX

4 Responses to “QE2 sightseeing run”

  1. Christine says:

    In what way will its role change? What is a cruise ship if not a floating hotel?

  2. Christine says:

    A ship floats on the sea while it moves and so the fact that it floats doesn’t preclude it moving.