Oak Orienteering

SOC held a local event at Knightwood Oak (just west of Lyndhurst) today and we went along with my in-laws. The area has some nice runnable patches but unfortunately last night’s rain made other parts hard going. I’m sure the Forestry Commission volunteers who were removing conifers in the open patch near control 206 had a good laugh as one orienteer after another disappeared up to their waist in one of the ditches!

Christine and I both ran the blue although she took the option to throw in a few of the other controls that were on offer. Gerry made up his own course as he went along and then annoyingly discovered he’d done all but one control when he got back. Sue dragged Emma’s buggy backwards through mud up to its axles (and that was sticking to the paths!).

I wavered a bit on a few controls in particular 11 (where I was too far left) and the last control (where I was too far right!) but otherwise had a reasonable run taking 38 minutes for the 5.7km course. Most importantly though, the sun was shining. As I listen to the rain hammering on the windows this evening I’m glad we’re not orienteering tomorrow.

Di Smith also presented me with my brown colour-coded badge. Apparently the club has decided to be more pro-active in handing out badges and Gill Thomlinson had the unenviable task of wading through last year’s results working out who qualified. I’m afraid I won’t be sewing mine on to my O-kit!

Oak West Blue, GPX

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