Lightroom import finally fixed

Having obtained Lightroom about 2 months ago our usage has been severly limited by the fact that an import of our existing Photoshop Elements 5 catalog only brought in about two-thirds of the images. You can read the gory details on one of the many forums I posted trying to find an answer. It then dawned on me that, having paid good money for the product, we might actually be entitled to some proper support from Adobe! Sadly their promised 24 hour response time turned out to be more like 2 weeks and the first set of suggestions (relinking photos, deleting cache files and a recover) didn’t work. They then suggested using the File > Move option in Elements to relocate all of our photos from the USB hard disk to the local disk. This seemed to do the trick (although I suspect moving them anywhere may have been sufficient) and we finally have all of our photos reunited in one product. Now I just need to find the time to get to the end of the Lightroom book that my brother bought me for Xmas!

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