Watford Chasing Sprint

715Christine sadly had to attend a family funeral today so I took my brother along to the JOK Chasing Sprint at Whippendell Woods on the outskirts of Watford. The weather forecast was for a dull start clearing late but in reality we were treated to glorious sunshine all day. The assembly area was based on one of the Lees Wood scout huts and the grassy area outside provided the ideal location for competitors to soak up some sun before and after their runs. I decided not to run with control hanging, car parking and start duties being enough for me in one day. It must be over 10 years since I’ve last been to Whippendell but from the area of the woods I did see, it seems much improved from what I remember. The open forest must have made for some great opportunities to make up places in the chase.

It’s a shame that the leaders on the Mens and Womens open courses were quite so far ahead but there were soom good packs that formed behind them. Watching some of the finish, places were even won and lost on the run-in. That’s what the Chasing Sprint is all about! The day passed off largely without incident – one hospital case from a scalding cup of coffee (!) and two duplicate start times (oops – another feature to add to the entries system) – and Jacob is to be congratulated on a superb job in the organisation.

(In between duties, I did manage to take a few photos although some were taken by Michael.)

2 Responses to “Watford Chasing Sprint”

  1. Ollie says:

    Thanks for helping out and also building the custom entries system (interesting hearing how it works in your previous post too.) We did get lucky with the weather.