Weekend Helping

747It was pay back time this weekend as we spent both days helping out at various events. On Saturday we went along to the SOC event at Hut Wood. We walked there and got soaked as a result when the heavens opened. Thankfully the sun came out as we arrived and the rain didn’t return until later in the day. The downpour didn’t seem to have discouraged attendees either with over 60 participants. I went round with a group of juniors from nearby Halterworth Harriers running club. Not wishing to be stereotypical but the two lads did all of the work whilst the older girls discussed boys, films, TV etc. I’d originally only planned to shadow them for the first few controls but when they started heading off in the wrong direction to number three then I thought I’d best stick with them. Who knows – perhaps they’d have paid more attention if I hadn’t been there as the safety net? I think even Emma on the yellow course with Christine may have averaged faster minutes per km…

Today we went down to Royal Victoria Country Park to help marshall at the Southampton Running Club 10k. It absolutely tipped it down again but thankfully we were in the car this time (and not involved in either of the accidents we passed on the M27). As we neared the park, blue skies suddenly appeared from nowhere and the rain stayed away until we were getting back in the car. Neil brought the twins over and they and Emma made the most of the combination of waterproof suits, wellies and big puddles!

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