Cuckoo Run

Yesterday’s run from Canadian War Memorial largely stayed in the Inclosures which resulted in a bit more track running than usual. This in turn meant that we ended up crossing over ourselves a couple of times. I heard my first cuckoo of the year whilst we were out running; the less welcome wildlife were the midges waiting for us back at the car park. Driving home I experienced another truly English experience: Lyndhurst high street appeared to be closed due to Morris Dancing!

Highland Water GPX

4 Responses to “Cuckoo Run”

  1. Michael Yeo says:

    My understanding is that Lyndhurst High Street is shut for 3 nights this week from 8 pm to enable the water board to carry out works. I think it more likely that the Morris Dancers took advantage of this closure to perform.
    We used to do 4½ hills on that run – you seem to have missed out some of them!

    • Dave says:

      How disappointing – you’ve ruined my image of New Forest life! As for the hills – I’d no idea where we were going so couldn’t comment on whether or not it was a deliberate ommision! I do know that there were several people asking “whatever happened to Mike Yeo?”.

  2. Neil says:

    the reason why there wasn’t 4 and 1/2 hills on Tuesday is that you
    are the only one who knows where they are. You will have to come
    back and teach up the route. Or at least come to the pub next week
    and tell us where we went wrong.

    I also was under the impression that Morris Dancers were capable
    of causing any road to be closed if they wished. And I am sadly dis-illusioned.