Scripting modification of HTTP bindings

If you find yourself needed to make use of the modifySCAImportHttpBinding command make sure read the documentation in the InfoCenter carefully. Even if you are modifying a property at the import level it isn’t sufficient simply to specify the import parameter. The property that you are modifying must also be enclosed in a tag with the name of the import binding. So the example given is:

$AdminTask modifySCAImportHttpBinding -moduleName MyMod -import Import1 -connectionRetries <Import1>3</Import1>

Thankfully the InfoCenter has been recently updated as a result of APAR JR31724 as previously you just had to guess at the syntax! Perhaps I should now try and get them to fix the description of the command which I see states “The modifySCAImportHttpBinding command changes the JNDI name of one or more of the resources associated with an HTTP import binding.”! One suspects someone may have been a little generous on the old cut and paste…

One Response to “Scripting modification of HTTP bindings”

  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks David.

    Now we’re on hence I was looking in the 6.1 InfoCenter, which certainly has not yet been updated.

    But in addition to that it seems one also just has to guess that if one needs to change the endpointUrl for the import the value has to be provided in a “quoted” way.
    As in
    At least if your endpoint contains query parameters…