Party time

773Emma’s had a great day today. This morning was just a trip to the shops but Emma decided that, not only was she going to take a rucksac but she would also take a handbag! Apparently the essential item to carry in your handbag is a small teddy! Whilst Christine bought food we took a look at the scene of yesterday’s accident that made regional news. There wasn’t much to see though as the roof has now been propped up again and the area cordoned off so we continued on to the library. Emma typically does all of the jigsaws in the library whilst I hunt out books for her. When Emma did eventually take an interest in the books (she does actually love hearing stories), she picked one off the shelf, sat down next to a girl who must have been about 5, said “Hello girl” and proceed to start on a story “One day…”!

This afternoon was Emma’s first party (other than her own) and Christine took her along to the event at Flemming Park. (I, meanwhile, got to play with the toys we were left with the house: a petrol mower, strimmer and garden vacuum.) Apparently Emma threw herself in to the soft play activities wholeheartedly. Christine was slightly surprised to be asked for a menu selection when they arrived but the fact that it was mid-afternoon didn’t seem to stop Emma digging in to her plate of sausages and chips. She must have been exhausted though as, when they got home, Emma had a few stories and then just lay down on my lap and went to sleep.


After a rude awakening and as much dinner as Emma could fit in given her huge afternoon snack, Emma ended the day with her current favourite activity: pottering about in the greenhouse! This generally just involves pouring soil from one pot in to another but seems to keep her amused for hours. We had been trying to decide what play equipment we might get for the garden but now think perhaps we don’t need anything!

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