Island hunting

It was our last run from Godshill yesterday and for once it wasn’t raining. This week we had two people with maps (it seems to have become fashionable in recent weeks) and, perhaps not surprisingly, we finished the run in (at least) two separate groups. Sam’s party took the long track route back to the car whilst Neil and Peter led a select group of us in search of a small pond with an island in the middle of it! No idea why we had to find it and it would have been easier if we’d had Sam’s orienteering map rather than Neil’s OS map but we found it eventually. On the way back to the car I failed to believe my watch and instead followed Peter hence the figure of eight shape to the GPS track below. Neil, I’m fairly sure, took a straighter route!

Godshill Island GPX

2 Responses to “Island hunting”

  1. Neil says:

    islands are always worth finding, after all that is always where the treasure is buried. Although had the new forest still looked like
    it did on google maps we would have found the island fairly easily. And you
    are right I did go straight back and even found a new hill that I missed the previous week.