Running late

Yesterday evening I left work late, forgot that one our local roads is temporarily closed, drove past the junction I wanted on the dual carriageway whilst thinking about work, got stuck in traffic, and discovered that the usual entrance to the car park was closed. It’s therefore perhaps not surprising that I arrived at Wilverley more than 10 minutes late to find no-one in the car park. Thankfully though, you can see a long way across the plain and I just caught site of a group of runners heading north-west along the edge of the inclosure. You can see from the start of the GPX track below how long it took me to catch them and hence pause long enough for my watch to find a satellite or two.

It was a pretty damp evening but still an enjoyable run. Lots of running off the paths which, combined with my decision to run in trainers, meant little trouble from my knee. The random dive off east in to the undergrowth towards the end of the route was my following Neil in order to stretch the run out a bit. No-one else came with us! We’ve had our entry accepted for the OMM (now confirmed as the Elan Valley) so I’m going to have to practise keeping up with Neil a little more!

Wilverley GPX

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