Wilson Christening

We headed up to Lancashire this weekend just gone for the christening of Christine’s cousin Cath’s son: Daniel Wilson. We stopped off in the Midlands on the way up (must remember that the “South” in “Warwick South Services” refers to the direction of the carriageway, not the location!) and completed the journey on Saturday morning. I had unfortunately been looking at the weather forecast for the south of England and hence wasn’t quite prepared for the downpour we experienced whilst out for a short walk with Steve’s family. We stayed the Saturday night at Cath’s parents before finding our way to the venue for the Christening: St James the Less in Rawtenstall. The priest delighted in telling us how short the ceremony was and then proceeded to regail us with a detailed history of the church to compensate. Daniel didn’t seem too put out about being dressed in a white frock and only resorted to tears when inverted over the font. It was good to seem so many of his family and just a shame that we had to disappear off early to start the long trek back down south.

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