Caught in the act

It was a lovely sunny evening out at Wilverley yesterday and this week I managed to arrive before everyone had set off. We completed a nice loop with much of the time spent in the shade of the trees. We weren’t the only ones out in the sunshine though: just before returning the car park we stumbled across a couple who were – how shall I put it? – enjoying each other’s company without the need for much in the way of clothing. Tip: if you don’t want the moment to be disturbed by a group of passing runners, I’d suggest avoiding the vicinity of a New Forest car park on a Tuesday night!

PS Nice new feature of the XML Google Maps Plugin: if you click on the red icon with the magnifying glass on the left edge of the map then it will open a copy of the map that fills the browser frame.

Wilverley GPX

4 Responses to “Caught in the act”

  1. Bjørn-Willy says:

    Awesome plugin. Google Maps is far better image quality than Google Earth which I use with my Polar RS800CX w/GPS. I really need to find a way to load my PGX file into Google Maps.. Maybe you know a way to do that, David ?

  2. Bjørn-Willy says:

    Thanks for advices, I’ll look into it.