Farley Centenary

I’ve said it before, but will say it again: there’s nothing like a Hants Cross-Country race to highlight the relative slowness of my running! Things were no different at the first race of this year’s league at Farley Mount on Saturday. I started the race too far back and had to jog up the first hill trying not to trip over the masses. I then spent the first of three laps overtaking people but for the remaining two I could just about maintain my position. This was despite having brought 7 supporters to cheer me on! I finished in 100th place, well down on previous years, which gives me plenty to work on for the rest of the season. Hopefully I’ll be getting more sleep by the next race and I’ll try not to have the celebratory roast lunch beforehand!

20091010 Hants XC, Farley Mount GPX

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