Duncan Christopher Currie

797Duncan Christoper Currie was born at 6:07am on Saturday 3 October in Royal Hampshire Country Hospital, Winchester weighing 4.06kg (just under 9lbs). The process seemed to have been kick-started by Christine’s trip to Romsey Rapids with Emma on Friday morning. Christine called me shortly after lunch and I cycled home but managed to get another couple of hours work in before we decided it was time to head for the hospital!

After an initial set of observations we were packed off to the antenatal ward much to Christine’s dismay (we were even in the same room as last time) but around ten o’clock we were back on labour ward with Christine 4cm dilated. This time round, Christine made no hesitation in asking for an epidural although the doctor had two failed attempts at siting a canular before deferring to the anaethetist, at which point Christine could smile again. She had another check about two hours later before getting a top-up by which time she was 6cm.

Things were starting to get a bit more painful (Christine’s words) after another few hours but by this time Christine was 9cm dilated (two more than she got to last time) and there was everything to play for. Once fully dilated, Christine was only to be allowed an hour’s pushing because of her previous caesaerean but this time seemed to stretch a little when Christine’s pushing became much stronger.

Eventually the doctor proposed to get the ventouse and forceps. This, however, involved fitting stirrups to the bed and they were unable to undo one of the clamps. The staff fetched another bed but in tangle of twisted wires that followed the transfer, the epidural (which had worn off some time previously) became unplugged. This being required before the doctor intervened, the anaethetist was sent for again. Whilst all of this was going on, Christine was still pushing strongly and, with her legs finally up on the stirrups, only had a few more pushes before the baby’s head was out. I failed to notice but apparently the baby’s heart rate had started to slow so an episiotomy was performed to get him out quickly.

Thankfully all was well and after some stitches and a shower, we were moved back to a very quiet ward. The paedeatrician gave Duncan a favourable review after lunch and mother and child were home by mid-afternoon, less than 24 hours after leaving. Emma seemed please to see her new brother except for when he peed in her face whilst changing his nappy!

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10 Responses to “Duncan Christopher Currie”

  1. Bjørn-Willy says:

    Congratulations ! It’s good to see/hear that all went well. It’s not funny to standby helpless when things happes.

    In Norway you would have 2 weeks of ‘vacation’ to take care of your loved ones at home. I hope it’s like that in UK, it’s a good time and Emma may need that as well. It can be though to go from the only one to sharing the parents with her brother.

    Take care !

    • Dave says:

      Yes – thankfully I do get two weeks of paternity leave although sadly we have yet to get to the point where we can also share the much longer period that the mother gets.

  2. Simon says:


  3. Sam says:

    Congratulations Dave + Christine. Hopefully this will slow Dave down a bit and I can reclaim the Hursley title next year!

  4. Andrew Nash says:

    Congratulations Dave & Christine! I wonder, in cases where the mother orienteers during her pregnancy, whether the child picks up valuable mapreading concepts before he or she is born. We shall see in due course . . . :o)

  5. Congrats, David! Best wishes to your (growing!) family.

  6. Andy Heppel says:

    Congratulations Dave and Christine. Hopefully you’re not having too many sleepless nights.

  7. Joao Ramires says:

    Congratulations ! 🙂

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