Version 7 announcement

Two weeks ago I was a little pre-occupied with my own announcement and consequently failed to highlight the announcement for the next version of WebSphere ESB, Process Server and Integration Developer.

What this does do is allow me to break the silence on what I’ve been working on for the past year, namely:

new Service Federation Management across WebSphere Service Registry and Repository and the ESB family to manage service visibility and reuse across the enterprise

Maybe that doesn’t tell you a great deal but I’m not at liberty to say any more at the moment. You could, however, turn to the WSRR announcement which provides a little more detail:

Better manage visibility of service across SOA domains. By using the Service Federation Management console to simplify the process of sharing business services between service domains, you can improve the connections within an organization, and increase reuse of services and information by extending the reach of existing assets across the organization and beyond.

And this might lead you to Greg Flurry and Marc-Thomas Schmidt’s developerWorks article which provides the motivation for this new functionality.

More to come once we reach general availability…

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