Relays Revisited

On Saturday we went to the SOC local event at Dibden. The longest course on offer was a Green which included several legs from the Mens Open at the British Relays. The course started with a few track legs which weren’t particularly interesting but were a good chance to warmup. When we reached the legs from the relays they weren’t the same gaffles I had but I was pleased to find number six without too much trouble as this was the area I wasted time in at the British. In proceeded to waste a minute or more on the next leg although in my defence I still couldn’t see the distinct vegetation boundary even when I was stood at the control site. Total time was just under 27 minutes for the 5k course so a good burn-up.

Christine also ran the green and then, as it was a nice day, we stayed around for a walk after lunch. Emma started off in the back-pack but she is too heavy to go far like that. Fortunately the distance she is prepared to walk is also increasing. Now we just have to persuade her to let Duncan use it instead!

20100315 Green Course, Dibden Inclosure GPX

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