Lordsdale Greenway

Having put on my new road shoes for the first time last night it was typical that a route was proposed that, when first run in my absence last year, was apparently ankle deep in mud. The route in question starts by hacking out across to the Common (via the site of Southampton’s Court Leet) and then takes in Hollybrook Cemetery and the Lordsdale Greenway that encircles the Coxford district of Southampton. As well as keeping us off the roads it meant that we got more than the usual level of ‘encouragement’ from local youths! Thankfully it was pretty dry this time round and the trainers came out pretty unscathed. I must remember to tie the laces less tightly next time though as I had pins and needles in my toes for much of the run! An early start next week to take in Lordswood and then we’ll be switching back to the Forest for our runs.

20100317 Lordsdale Greenway GPX

4 Responses to “Lordsdale Greenway”

  1. Michael Yeo says:

    A curious elevation profile that suggests you went potholing half way round?!

  2. Neil says:

    we did descend to the depths of Southampton but only metophorically
    and I am not sure if Dave’s watch is calibrated to reveal social deprivation
    so it might be a mistake.


  3. I’m not a runner (back problems rather than lethargy) and stumbled across this when looking for stuff on the old mills on Hollybrook and Tanner’s Brook. There was a small section between Lordsdale and Lordswood Greenways that my wife and I had never found, resulting in an unpleasant detour – thanks for filling in the blank. An eleven klick walk that basically passes my door is a great find, and I see you have Lordswood to Chilworth later on, already a favourite of mine although I use slightly different routes.

    Shame that after all the effort that went into making them, the council doesn’t publicise the Greenways more, leaving it to people like you, birdwatchers and slimming clubs. 🙂