Chariots of Rain

830Neil and Alice are off on the other side of the world for the next week or two and have kindly lent us their cycle chariot. Emma was certainly keen to give it a go as she was sat in the seat with the cover over whilst I finished assembling it! Unfortunately Saturday wasn’t really the best day for venturing out on a bicycle as it was drizzling from dawn ’til dusk. By mid-afternoon we had to get out of the house to maintain sanity and a bike ride round the local playgrounds seemed as good an idea as any. As you can see from the photo, Duncan was slightly less keen about the whole idea but then he did go off to sleep shortly after we set off! I certainly found it an easier ride towing two rather than having Emma in the rear seat although there’s not much in the way of hills around us to really provide a test. Given its size, it remains to be seen whether we take it away with us on holiday and, given the price (now about £800 for this model), even more so whether we decide to buy one for ourselves.

3 Responses to “Chariots of Rain”

  1. Christine says:

    We tested the chariot out again going to nursery this afternoon to meet Emma. Unfortunately, I hadn’t noticed quite how hard it was raining, so it was pretty miserable for me. Emma and Duncan were having “discussions” about who should hold Emma’s bag, so it was also a bit stop-start. I’m now less keen than I was.

  2. Neil says:

    Personally I tend to put the bags in the back out of the way of the girls. I
    also think it took them a while to get use to it. The first few times they
    cried a lot but after that they really took to it.