Bohemia and back

For tonight’s run from Nomansland, Neil had planned a route out through the Hamptworth Estate to Bohemia. It started well enough albeit as a bit of a road run. We were still on track when we were within spitting distance of Bohemia at which point we decided to follow the track back through the woods to Telegraph Hill. Unfortunately something went wrong around Franchises Lodge and we continued east rather than going south to Telegraph Hill. Ian and Peter then picked up on the next bridleway that leads back to Telegraph Hill. Sadly, when the rest of us tried to cut back to join them we picked up a different path and then proceeded to wiggle our way through the forest. Miraculously, we then rejoined the other party when we eventually re-emerged in to the open. Another 75 minute run!

20100719 Bohemia GPX

One Response to “Bohemia and back”

  1. Neil says:

    To be honest I had only planned the route to Bohemia. My suggested route
    back was over-ruled but Peter and co. so if you need blame some-one you
    could start with them.

    Anyway an 80 minute run means I get to run off the chips scoffed while waiting
    for everyone else to arrive.