Calf playing up

Half way round a lunchtime run last week my calf just went. I tried running on it again the following day and came hobbling back. After another four days rest the pain had gone when walking and cycling and I tried another short run. The pain was back but wasn’t so insistent so I decided to give the RR10 on Wednesday at Itchen Valley Country Park a go.

I started further back and tried not to push it too hard, particularly on the uphills, and tried not to stride out too much on the downhills. My calf was certainly sore but I didn’t feel like I was doing it any further damage. More worrying was the pain coming from my other knee which I think comes from compensating for the calf when cycling. Miraculously I finished in my highest position of the year (16th) although, given those around me, I suspect that this was more due to the holiday season than anything on my part. I’m particularly glad that my first outing in my new Southampton Athletic Club vest (vertical red and white stripes à la Saints) didn’t end in tears. More rest, ice and stretching required before I run again though.

20100804 Itchen Valley Country Park GPX

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