Calf restored

Having taken it easy for the past couple of weeks my calf was feeling well enough to venture out to Wilverley on Tuesday night. I’m happy to report that I made it round the run without feeling any pain in my calf which is great news. It may have something to do with the soft going (well, it was more like swimming at times). I wasn’t going to push my luck though and join Neil in running on to the pub at Bank. Instead, I felt a bit of a fool stood at the bar at the pub waiting to finish buying a round when only four people had turned up. It eventually transpired that Peat had managed to shut his car keys in the sill of the boot, locking it shut in the process. With assistance from others he’d eventually managed to open the boot from inside the car (one door was still open) and then retrieve the keys from the crevice they’d fallen down. They took sufficiently long that we’d eaten all the crisps by the time they arrived though!

20100817 Wilverley GPX

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