Frosty Fritham

As we left the end of the M27 on Sunday morning the fog cleared and we arrived at SOC’s Fritham event under beautiful blue skies. There was still some ice around but it had generally softened sufficiently so as not to be dangerous. Christine took Emma and Duncan round the white course whilst I did the brown. I really enjoyed the course. It was well planned with a good mix of long and short legs and well chosen control sites. Fritham is a delightful area to run round and Steve Keyes (at least I think that’s who it was) pushed me round the second half of the course which added to the fun. Typically, I finished to discover that Jonathan Crickmore had taken nearly five minutes less and the gap between us was then filled by the usual suspects as the day progressed pushing me down in to fifth place in the final results.

20101205 Fritham GPX

One Response to “Frosty Fritham”

  1. Christine says:

    You failed to mention the rest of the family’s sterling effort around the white course (58 mins, 8/8). Again, it was a lovely course with a nice mix of woodland and open, a few streams to look at and some patches of snow to crunch through. Just what a 3 year old needs to stay motivated.