May Day Fayre

929Yesterday afternoon Emma and I went to the May Day Fayre at Cranbury Park Estate. It was billed as the last ever although I never found at why. We had great fun, taking all of the attractions. Emma’s favourite was the Punch and Judy although I suspect this was largely because she’d seen only ever come across it before in a Paddington book! At least Emma wasn’t scared off by the crocodile or the skeleton as were some of the children. I’m not sure any of them really appreciated Mr Punch hanging the hangman though!

Second favourite were the “children’s races”. Emma joined in a race with a random selection of girls and got off to a slow start, not realising when they were meant to go. She later reported to Christine that she had won the race! She then followed this up by saying that all of the children had won, by which she meant that they had all got a lolly at the end! Roll on the competitive sports at school…

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