Birthday bike ride

926For my birthday we cycled over to Hillier Gardens through Ampfield Woods and had lunch there. Christine had the hard job of pulling the cycle chariot containing Duncan which she prefers to having Emma on the seat on the back. I think she was just glad that we don’t live somewhere with real hills! Having the chariot inside Hilliers meant we could cover more ground than when Emma is walking so we actually got to see some of the gardens (in particular the colourful display of rhodies) in addition to the usual tour round the magic carpet and the tree house. At the latter Duncan was showing off, climbing up the 8ft scramble net single-handed. It certainly tired him out – he slept all the way home.

2 Responses to “Birthday bike ride”

  1. Neil Broderick says:

    You seem to have a very bent front wheel on your chariot (at least judging by
    the picture). Surely one going straight up and down would work better.

    Personally I am finding that even little hills are getting worse with the chariot as the girls get bigger. That plus the fact that Auckland is hillier than Southampton makes me wonder what the next step is going to be.


  2. Dave says:

    Hi Neil,

    Yeah – the jockey wheel is pretty rubbish. Great for turning around but not so hot on the straight lines! I’ve just picked up a second hand tag-along for Emma’s birthday in a couple of weeks. I know they do doubles but suspect they assume one child smaller than the other.