944Emma’s playgroup has now stopped for the summer and we have taken her out of nursery as well so that she can have a bit of a break before starting school in September (something that she is looking forward to immensely). Consequently, I took Monday off work to do a bit of child minding. The plan was to go to the INTECH Science Center on the outskirts of Winchester in the hope that, out of term time, it would be fairly quiet. It was a sunny start to the day and we almost changed our minds but thankfully didn’t as it soon clouded over.

I think it’s fair to say that Emma enjoyed herself – we certainly had to make sure that we visited all of the exhibits before we were allowed to leave! There was a board by each one which made a good attempt to explain the science behind what was going on but that was all pretty much lost on Emma – they were just some good toys to here.

We had booked in to see ‘Moles’ at the planetarium in which a mole called Plato, along with three earthworms called Alpha, Beta and Gamma, learnt various bits of pseudo-science. To my mind, the science was rather lost in amongst the American accents, special effects on the dome, and the singing and dancing but, once again, Emma seemed to enjoy it. All in all it was a fun day but I think we’ll leave it a couple of years before we come back.

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