First day at school

956Thursday was Emma’s first proper day at school (well, afternoon). After a couple of visits to the school in the past few months, we had a visit from her teachers (they job share) and teaching assistant on Wednesday where Emma got to show off the scrapbook she has been putting together over the summer (she’ll show it anyone who shows the slightest interest!). We’re still not quite sure what the purpose of this visit was: whether it’s to meet the child in the comfort of their own home, have a chance to have a quiet word with the parents, or just have a good nose at where they live!

Thursday morning was set aside for the older half of the year and so it was that, after lunch, Christine got Emma in her new uniform and walked her to school (about 3/4 of a mile). There was apparently a bit of wobbling when they parted but I’m not sure on which side this was! Anyway, when I went to pick her up she seemed to be very happy. She’d enjoyed the tracing, painting, story time, outside play… In particular, she is delighted that she gets to bring TWO new books home EVERY DAY! She was certainly happy enough to go back in again on Friday afternoon.

We now have another week of afternoons and then a week and a half or mornings that eventually stretch in to lunchtimes before we can finally settle in to some sort of routine again. In the meantime, Duncan has moved up from babies to toddlers at nursery which seems to have unsettled him a bit. Hopefully he just needs a little while to get used to a new set of faces. It does mean that he gets better toys to play with though!

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