Veteran Relay

Having failed to put together an SOC team for today’s Test Way Relay, it was nice to get a call asking me to run for Southampton AC. It did, however, turn out to be in the vets team! After a trip to the supermarket I left in rather a hurry to make it to Wherwell for the allotted time. As it turned out, I arrived in plenty of time but that did mean I was in place in time to shelter when the rain came through. When a Southampton vest appeared on the horizon in first place I was all set to go however, another Southampton runner appeared from nowhere to take the handover for this, the A team. I didn’t have to wait long for my man though and he had an Eastleigh runner just in front so there would be a race to be had.

The next Eastleigh runner sped off but, to be honest, didn’t look like he was going to keep it up. I overtook him as we entered West Down which was a mistake as I didn’t know which was the right path and ended up climbing further than necessary (it’s a few years since I last ran this leg). When we dropped back to the old railway line I didn’t look back. The distance to Stockbridge appeared to be longer than I had measured in the car on the way there but that probably meant I kept up the pace better than I might have done otherwise. There were plenty of womens and mixed teams to pick off on the way and I also managed to overtake our A team runner (who looked distinctly more veteran than me!).

I enjoyed the run which probably means I should have been faster although the jog back to Chilbolton Common to retrieve the car seemed like particularly work! The A team apparently finished in second place, just 15 seconds down on Overton, with the vets team in 4th place behind Stubbington Green. A respectable position for a bunch of old men!

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