Fun running

959It was the Hursley 10K today and, being an odd year, it was my turn to run. Christine offered to cycle down after breakfast to pick up my number which meant we could arrive at the last minute for the start! The course had dried out a bit from when my recce earlier in the week but, if anything, that was probably to my disadvantage. I spent the first half of the race battling for 5th place. Unfortunately, when we hit the long track section the Hardley runner pulled away and even when back in the woods I couldn’t reel him in again. So, I had to settle for 6th place and a time of 38:52 (the winner was two minutes faster) – my slowest yet but then the course has been different every time I’ve run it.

The most nervous competitor in our house this morning was not, however, me. Emma was entered in the 750 fun run (year 2 and under) and seemed a little bit anxious. It was all very well done though with the same musical warm-up routine that the adults were treated to. Christine ran round with Emma (well, I don’t think they ran all the way). Emma looked very serious as she sprinted towards the finish line (Duncan was slightly distracted by the air ambulance taking off at this point) but was full of smiles when she received her medal. She even asked when the next one was!

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