Ankle injury at Longshaw

968It was the CompassSport Cup Final last Sunday and, SOC having qualified, we felt obliged that at least one of us should attend (having concluded that Sheffield was too far to take the children when they probably wouldn’t get much of a run about). I shared a lift with a couple of other club members and we stayed at Edale YH the night before. The day itself started with cloud on the hill tops but by the time I started around mid-day there were glorious blue skies. Unfortunately, at control 6 out of 28 I landed badly from a 2ft drop off a rock and twisted my ankle. After half a minute sat on the afore-mentioned rock I hobbled off in the direction of the next control (also the direction of the finish). I found I was still able to run and completed the course.

I didn’t have a bad run after that with just a couple of minor wobbles on 11 and 22. I was, however, simply just too slow ending up down in 47th place albeit out of a large field of 129. I’d like to think that maybe without the ankle injury I could have completed the course 3 or 4 minutes faster and may have just scraped in to the top 30. It was a tough field though. I was just glad not to be the one doing the driving as, once the adrenalin left my system, the ankle was pretty sore. Today, the swelling has started to subside and the ankle seems to be pretty flexible so I’m hoping for a quick recovery.

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