Playful Puppy

965Emma brought the class pet home with her last Friday – a beanie dog that goes by the name of Playful Puppy! For the weekend that followed, every sentence started with ‘Playful Puppy this’ or ‘Playful Puppy that’. He comes with a diary so we had to make sure to get some good pictures of him when he accompanied us on a trip out to Farley Mount. He enjoyed the ride on Emma’s bike, climbing on the play equipment, building a den etc.. In some ways it’s a shame that Emma was only the second recipient of Playful Puppy this year as I’m sure the diary must offer a wonderful insight in to the out-of-school activities of each of the families. Thankfully Emma’s attachment to Playful Puppy waned as the week drew on and, needless to say, we left him at home the day we were supposed to return him. Thankfully I’d cycled in with Emma on the tag-along that morning so I could nip back and retrieve the errant dog.

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