Tooth fairy short changed

1025I had a phone call at work earlier this week to tell me that Emma had lost a tooth. She’s been saying it was wobbly for a while so it was no great surprise. Unfortunately, there is no sign of the tooth and the suspicion is that it was swallowed along with the apple she was eating at the time. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to want to retrieve it and the tooth fairly settled for a note explaining the situation! I can’t begrudge her £1: she’s spent some of it on stickers for my birthday.

In other news, Duncan is potty training again this weekend with about a 50% hit rate. Further evidence of the children ageing: I’ve finally got round to removing the remaining stair gate (children swinging on it being more of a danger than falling down the stairs) and most of the cupboard locks in the kitchen (so hopefully they’ll stay on their hinges a bit better).

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