WebSphere Appliance Management Center

I haven’t posted anything product related since the release of WebSphere ESB 7.5 in June last year where I hinted at pastures new. Those of you that I’m connected to on LinkedIn will know that I subsequently became Technical Lead for a product called WebSphere Appliance Management Center. WebSphere Appliance Management Center provides off-box management and monitoring of multiple WebSphere DataPower SOA appliances. The development for the management component of the product moved to Hursley shortly after the initial release (named 4.0 after the coincident firmware release). The new team put together a fix pack later in the year which delivered support for the new Service Gateway XG45 appliance.

Today saw the announcement of the next chapter in the WebSphere Appliance Management Center story. Significantly, you will find this in the WebSphere DataPower Appliances firmware V5.0 announcement letter as the next version will no longer be a chargeable product in its own right. Instead, it will be freely downloadable and supported free of charge for all customers with a current support entitlement for a WebSphere DataPower SOA appliance.

Not only will it cost you less – but we’ll also be giving you less! The team has been working flat out to create a much lighterweight offering which is faster to install and less resource intensive. The management user interface has also been extensively reworked to be more responsive and better support user interaction patterns. In particular, the current restrictions around managed set membership will be lifted allowing much great flexibility for firmware and configuration deployment. In addition to the existing domain management capabilities, you will also be able to manage configuration at the service level. All of this will be available for download on June 26.

For those attending IBM Impact next week who’d like to find out more about this exciting new release, I’ll be co-presenting on WebSphere Appliance Management Center (Monday, 5:15-6:30pm, Lando 4305). We will also be hosting a series of round table sessions in Toscana 3701 (Monday, 10:45-12:00; Tuesday, 1:20-2:45pm; Thursday 3:15-4:30pm) which will be your chance to shape the future direction of the product. Alternatively, please feel free to contact me directly or post questions in the DataPower developerWorks forum.

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