Wildlife 10K

1028Christine is now a member of Eastleigh Running Club¬†and volunteered to help marshal at their annual Marwell 10K. This, of course, had nothing to do with securing free entry to the wildlife park for her and her two little helpers! I had to run 10K to get my ticket in to the event! We arrived early for Christine’s briefing and then I had to sit outside the entrance for half an hour until competitors were allowed in to the park. I then watched the fun run with them (Emma was a week too young to run) before heading off to warm up.

At the start, I placed myself squarely in the 35-40 minute start box. There were a fair number of people in the box in front but it’s an undulating course and, as the results show, only two people actually made it back in under 35 minutes. I found it pretty hard going and when we hit the downhill stretch from 6k to the finish I couldn’t pick up the pace. Still, I finished in 37:33 which was under the 38 minutes I would have predicted and over a minute less than my time from 2005 so I must be improving with age!

Christine failed miserably to take any pictures of me running so here’s a random one of me from one of her club mates. Although it was a little bit nippy, we then proceeded to make the most of the rest of our day at Marwell.

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