Emma’s five!

1034It was Emma’s fifth birthday last weekend. In a compromise between quiet affair at home and all expensive paid trip out, we booked a local hall and invited all of the girls in Emma’s class, a few of the boys and a few random others. The party wasn’t until the afternoon though and fortunately Grandad and Granny Sue were around to take Emma and Duncan off to the SOC orienteering in Valley Park to contain the excitement whilst the preparations continued. (I escaped from my duties just in time to pedal over and have a run round myself. Despite having drawn the map I still took a few wrong turns but managed to head up the results.)

We had half an hour to get set up in the hall before the 16 guests arrived. They were being treated to various craft activities on the “Under the sea” theme, party games and then party tea. It all seemed to go along fairly smoothly although I’ll confess to hiding in the kitchen for much of the time! Mr Bump (our cold compress that Christine happened to put in) got rather a lot of use but there is a suspicion that this may have been related to the sweet that accompanied each incident.

When the two hours were over and the parents returned to claim their children, there was a big sigh of relief as we put the hall back in order. Emma settled to open up the large pile of presents which resulted from having so many guests, all of which were well received. In anticipation of this, we hadn’t bought her much in the way of toys but the books, clothes and swimming related items (Emma finally got promoted to the next swim class and an orange swim hat on Sunday) also went down well. The biggest present would be the new (second hand) bike from Granny Sue and Grandad. That will
take a bit of getting used to as there are no stabilisers.

There are few photos of the day in this Flickr collection. Having failed to collect consent forms from all of the parents, those with friends/family links on Flickr will be the only ones to see those from the party!

One Response to “Emma’s five!”

  1. Natale Smith says:

    Happy 5th Birthday Emma! Sounds like you had a fabulous party:)

    Love your aussie friends xxxx

    BTW Good work on the cake Christine and Dave.