Orienteering at Hursley

1037I’m using some vacation to catch up on a few blog posts (which I’m going to shamelessly back-date). The end of July saw the last in SOC’s Summer Series of events which was notable for a) actually feeling like Summer unlike most of the other events in the series, b) being on a new area: the IBM site at Hursley and c) being organised by me! Simon Bevan had done a great job of the map, building on some initial work by Charlie Richardson. Given the lack of traffic on the day, I think I had been overly cautious in marking all of the car parks as out of bounds which limited the shape of the courses. On the day, I also spotted a couple of places where I’d been a little careless with the overprint that meant route choices weren’t as clear as they should have been.

Anyway, I didn’t hear any complaints on the day which I suspect had as much to do with the sunshine as anything else. It was certainly good to see so many people staying around for the prize giving and barbecue afterwards. Christine and I picked up first place certificates for the series. We have been to all but one this year which, when set against the fact that we are currently slipping down the British Orienteering rankings having completed insufficient ranking events, says a lot about our orienteering at the moment! We got to know some new club members particularly well when we discovered that Duncan had turned the car lights on at some point and we needed their assistance to start the car.

Thanks go to IBM for allowing the event and in particular Rick Kellaway for his support. Hopefully this will be the first of many orienteering events at Hursley!

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