Duncan reaches three

Duncan had a bit of an extended birthday this year: cakes at playgroup on Tuesday, the day itself on Wednesday, more cakes on Thursday and his party on Saturday. Just as well that this year he seemed to have decided that birthdays were a good thing! Emma was still the first up on Wednesday morning, keen to give Duncan his present from her (a monster finger puppet from the newsagents!). My being locked in to John Lewis at closing time on Tuesday night trying to find a till that was still open, failing, and having to get one re-opened, paid off as the bus car storage went down well.

Having the party at lunchtime was definitely a good move as there was less time to get stressed beforehand and also time to go out and enjoy the sunshine afterwards. There was supposedly a bus theme which meant that yours truly’s cake decorating skills were once again put to the test. I wasn’t entirely convinced by the salmon pink icing but Christine refused to let me put any more food colouring in! There was quite a mix of ages with siblings making up a third of the numbers but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Even Emma seemed to have a good time although she was definitely sickening with something as she had to have a lie-down in the middle of it all. In fact, both of them were in bed by the end of the afternoon!

One Response to “Duncan reaches three”

  1. S Ashton says:

    I think the cake looks great