Star Trail

Christine was off to Germany for a conference on Sunday so I decided to take the children to Mottisfont to do this season’s attraction: the star trail. It had taken us so long to get out of the house that we had start with lunch though. Emma went for the bacon in a roll and Duncan the burger in the bun. That was exactly what they got – no frills – but it all got eaten and no-one seemed to complain (perhaps that was down to the chocolate brownie that followed).

We then made our way round the sculptures on the trail (with the occasional detour for impromptu toilet stops). Emma was remarkably good at following the map so perhaps the orienteering is sinking in and both children enjoyed plotting the constellation on their trail guide and the craft activity. One large star (the sun) even came out for the last hour we were there although I’m not sure it justified Duncan’s decision to dispense with his coat.

The visit was punctuated with calls from Christine whose flight had been cancelled due to snow, its replacement postponed, and then the replacement also cancelled. The Lufthansa check-in desk closed before she’d reached the front of the queue of people trying to rebook for the following day and she eventually arrived back home after midnight having spent the whole day at Heathrow.

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