Holidays begin

Megan, Emma and DuncanEach year Christmas is proceeded by my father in-laws birthday and this year the party was at our house. Christine’s brother and his family arrived late on the Thursday night but Emma and I were still hard at work on the Friday (well, Emma was watching videos at school and I did a half day at work so not that hard!). The weather wasn’t up to much the next day and we headed over to Romsey Rapids which was perhaps the quietest I’ve ever seen it on a rainy Saturday. Obviously we should have been out Christmas shopping with everyone else!

The day itself didn’t get off to a good start with Emma displaying the same sickness that Duncan had earlier in the week. Fortunately she also had a similar remarkable recovery. She missed out on the morning stroll but was eating crisps and cake by the time the party lunch came round. After lunch we waved goodbye to the Cornish contingent who were heading home for Christmas.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Great photos. Have downloaded a few – hope you don’t mind?