Febrile seizure

Duncan’s nursery phoned on Monday morning to say that he was running a temperature. I agreed that they could give him Calpol and phoned again later, by which time his temperature had subsided, he’d slept, and had eaten his lunch. The next call I had was from Christine who had gone to pick up Duncan at the end of the day and discovered an ambulance car parked outside. Duncan had experienced a short seizure (1-2 minutes) and they we’re going to transfer him (along with Christine and Emma) by ambulance to Winchester Hospital. I pedalled over to the nursery, picked up the car and followed them in. They had given him more Calpol and followed this up with Ibuprofen in A&E which brough his temperature back down again from 39 degrees. After several hours of the usual NHS procrastination he was finally transferred to the children’s ward where Christine spent the night with him. Emma and I returned the following morning to bring them home (after a good play with the toys on the ward). The verdict? A febrile seizure. As the NHS site states “frightening but harmless”. He may be susceptible and we need to watch his temperature more closely in future but, either way, he will grow out of it by five. What surprised me most is that, although between three and five percent of children suffer one of these seizures, this was a first for the nusery. In many ways though, we’re glad it happened there rather than at home as they undoubtedly dealt with the situation much more calmly than we would have done.

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  1. Neil Broderick says:

    I am very sorry to hear that. I hope that everyone has recovered, I know from
    past experience that the kids are much better at dealing with such matters than
    the parents.


    • Dave says:

      Thanks Neil. A trip to the children’s ward also makes you realise how much worse it could have been…

      • Neil says:

        the last time I was there in the middle of the night it was an interesting mix of teenagers who had drunk too much and toddlers who were very ill. Then there was Ella who was running around naked because she had a temperature and they were trying to keep her cool and I was running after her trying to get a urine sample. So I was very pleased it wasn’t anything worse.


  2. natalie smith says:

    Sounds scary Dave! Glad to hear nothing came of it and Duncan is ok. One of my good friends little girl had numerous seizures in her first year. Various tests couldn’t identify a cause! I was there when she had one and it was quite confronting. I think we take so much for granted….

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