Runner’s World has an article on a fascinating piece of kit that let’s you turn an iPod Nano in to a speed and distance monitor for running. The Nike+ consists of the usual footpod and then a wireless receiver that plugs in to the base of the Nano. As well as the usual capabilities to record data and then sync with a computer, the unique selling point of the Nike+ is that it can also tell you through your headphones how you’re doing. In theory you need to fork out the £65 for a pair of Nike+ shoes to hold the footpod but the Runner’s World articles suggests that attaching it to the laces does the job just as well. The really unbelievable part of this technology is the price – just £19. Fortunately I don’t have an iPod Nano otherwise the temptation would be there!

One Response to “Nike+”

  1. Ollie says:

    Hmm, sounds very tempting, especially if it can go on normal shoes after all. I think the attachment might work with a normal iPod too. Might have to be my next gadget impulse buy…