Fellow bloggers

Thought it was about time I recognised a few of my friends and colleagues that blog (I shan’t comment on who fits in to both categories and who doesn’t!).

First up is Richard Brown whose blog Gendal World includes his thoughts on business integration, travel, consulting and a lot more besides. If you want a well thought out opinion then Richard’s your man.

Next is another ISSW consultant, Andy Piper. Andy’s blog The lost outpost contains lots of interesting entries around photography, WebSphere and technology in general. Unknown to him, Andy’s site is actually one of the things that prompted me to take the D-SLR route.

Moving on to Hursley development, Chris Tomkins has been a great help supporting my work with some early WebSphere ESB adopters and it is good to see him blogging on the subject.

Adrian Spender is also covering WebSphere ESB on his site Drive through. Adrian joined IBM at the send time as me and also hails from the same part of the country. That’s no excuse for the missing apostrophe in his site description though…

Although, I have to confess to not knowing him personally, Andrew Ferrier’s blog has also had some very insightful material on WebSphere and ESB.

Finally, one from outside of work (either I don’t get out enough or I usually manage to escape the geeks when I do!). Ollie O’Brien is a fellow JOKer, an inveterate blogger (since March 2003 if his archive is to be believed) and also creator of the superb Map of Maps and Fixtures Map mashups.

3 Responses to “Fellow bloggers”

  1. Duly noted. However, the spelling and grammar pedant should always be mindful of their own prose before casting accusations 😉

  2. Dave says:

    Perhaps I just wasn’t expecting anyone to read it Adrian?! “Prose” being one of those words (of which there are many) that I always assume I know what it means but have never been quite sure, I actually looked it up in the dictionary. I think the definition “dull and uninteresting discussion or speech” fits this blog quite well!

  3. Andy Piper says:

    Great to hear that my blog has inspired you, Dave. Now that I’m back from hols, I’ll be posting some more photos shortly 🙂