Endpoint lookup mediation primitive

I’m finally finding some time to take a look at WebSphere ESB 6.0.2. The endpoint lookup mediation primitive for determining endpoint addresses based on information retrieved from WebSphere Service Registry and Repository was near the top of my list of things to try. Just as I was about to give up hope of getting it to work, a note arrived from Greg Flurry pointing out that you need to have Fix Pack 1 of Service Registry and Repository. Importantly, he also included a link to the install documentation in the InfoCenter. The update failed the first time as my machine was crawling along and the SOAP connection timed out. Having shutdown a few spare processes the fix pack went on fine and the primitive now works like a charm. Note that you can also install directly from the fix pack.

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  1. vangli says:


    i am trying to do implement this.can you create a step by step tutorial for this mediation primitive plz right from registry to mediation or can you give me some reference where i can learn this