Service Integration Bus Performance

Another great tool for those working with the Service Integration Bus is now available on alphaWorks. The Service Integration Bus Performance tool (written by David Granshaw who leads the Service Integration Bus Performance team in Hursley) provides an SWT front-end to all of the WebSphere Application Server PMI statistics that are relevant to messaging performance. When you start the tool and point it at a server and messaging engine, it selects a useful set of default statistics. You can then use the configuration menu to select additional statistics with an indication given of the level of performance impact of doing so. Best of all (at least for someone as forgetful as me) is that when you close the tool it turns off the PMI stats before shutting down.

2 Responses to “Service Integration Bus Performance”

  1. Carlo says:

    I think is a very usefull tool, but so far I have not been able to enable the tracing to a log file….anyone there has succeded in doing so?

  2. Dave says:

    Carlo – this tool is only intended to give you a live view of the current system performance (and also acts as a guide as to which metrics are of interest for messaging performance). The InfoCenter describes how you can log PMI data to a file for use with Tivoli Performance Viewer. Alternatively, you can implement your own monitoring application using the same JMX API used by the tool. Also note that there is a forum for discussing the tool.