Blenheim Palace

282We were up near Oxford this weekend visiting friends. On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Blenheim Palace. On previous occasions we’re sure there was a price per car but we baulked at paying £7.30 for each of the four adults just to get in to the Park and Gardens. Instead, we parked in the free car park in Woodstock and wandered down to one of the gates where the public rights of way enter the grounds. Having enjoyed a pleasant stroll we went up to the palace in search of a drink. Whilst browsing the gift shop we accidentally left via the exit from the palace and hence found ourselves in one of the courtyards. We could therefore take a peek at the water terraces before finally parting company with some money for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.

6 Responses to “Blenheim Palace”

  1. rosemary banner says:

    Knowing the same access arrangements from previous visits I took two students there yesterday and Gate house staff including the Office Manager(!) claimed there was never a public right of way and that to go into the park one has to pay … things have changed inthe last few years she said, adding that – in previous yeras the gate staff probably didn’t know what they were supposed to charge for. I don’t believe that the right of way has been changed – I’ll check it out

    • Dave says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      Sounds suspicious. The OS map certainly still shows a right of way and others would appear to still be making it through. I’m sure there were even signs once inside to remind you that you must keep to the right of way.


  2. D Elvin says:

    Public rights of way are signposted through Blenheim Park and it is best to stick to them. Certainly going through one of the staffed entrances is a mistake. There are at least three gates through which the public has the right to enter free. I suspect the paths were there before the Palace was built! The office manager has not been properly trained and may be causing distress to local residents who have walked on the rights of way for years.

    Long Hanborough Resident

  3. Ali Smith says:

    I have been walking round the house for decades, usually from Combe gate. It was last October that I was stopped going across the bridge towards the house and again a couple of weeks ago. The guy looked like a paramilitary bouncer and I said I’d been doing that walk for longer than he’d been alive and intended to carry on without a ticket or a pass. He threatened to call security back up but I responded loudly that if he did they’d get a lot of bad publicity. The should add “ONLY PAYING VISITORS WELCOME” to their signs.

    Seem s this is yet another scheme cooked up by a man called Hoy who is the manager. Since he took up his post Blenheim Estates have become a ruthless £$£ making machine. They tried to turn an ancient wood in Hanborough into a corporate adventure playground and were thwarted by massive local resistance. Now they are scheming to build on the only open field leading up to the wood which will destroy a valuable wildlife habitat and deprive people of a much needed open space to walk and exercise dogs in.

    Recently they also closed off a field leading to the river near the Combe sawmill: this was a favourite place for locals to enjoy and the only safe place for kids to swim. Think we need to stand up and publicise this corporate, feudal bullying – its downright mean and nasty! Used to feel really blessed to live close enough to enjoy these beautiful places but now they have been totally spoilt – HATE BLENHEIM!!!