Southern Road Relays

I had been recruited as part of Southampton Running Club’s team for the Southern 12 Stage Road Relay. This meant an early start for the drive up to the Open University at Milton Keynes. I was down for leg 10 which then meant four hours of leisurely spectating in the sunshine before trying to gear myself up for the 5.3km course.

I had the misfortune to start just behind the 11th leg runner of one of the top teams which probably meant I started too quickly. There were certainly no other runners on my leg nearby for me to pace myself against. As always with road races, it felt very hard work, particularly when the strong wind was against you. I also had a nagging ache in my hamstring. My time of 19:03 was reasonably respectable, at least within the Southampton team which went on to finish in 19th place.

2 Responses to “Southern Road Relays”

  1. Sam says:

    If Soton RC had taken a few more runners with them, I might have got a better finish in the Two Saints 10K. A minute faster than last year, but only finished 19th……though it was windy!

  2. Dave says:

    Knock another minute off next year and you’ll make it in to the top ten!